Full or additional Production

This involves the arranging, tracking and editing of all instruments and vocals. The final steps are mixing and mastering.  Maybe you’ve already recorded most or part of your song or have your own beat. We can add those finishing touches to the track or produce your vocals to make your song “radio ready”.

Vocal Production

Pete has produced and coached hundreds of vocalists. Being a vocalist himself he has a unique perspective on vocal recording and he strives to capture vocals which balance unbridled emotion with technical excellence. The winning combination is having great equipment and a producer/engineer with outstanding ears and years of experience.   Listen...


This involves taking your pre-existing tracks and carefully blending them using the latest techniques of equalization, compression, and the use of ambient and special effects to create fresh industry standard mixes. 

Customized Songwriting

If you are a singer or aspiring artist but don’t write, or perhaps you just have some lyric or melodic ideas, we can help you develop, finish and polish them into a quality song. We also custom write songs for artists based on their personal experiences and their unique singing style. Each song is tailored to bring out the best each individual artist has to offer.


This involves putting the finishing touches on your existing mixes, making them punchy, clear and loud. Finally we meticulously balance the level, color and timing between each track of a full album. For more information...

Voice Over and Jingles

The use of state of the art pre-amps and high end microphones guarantee a pristine signal path for any kind of commercial voice over work. Time stretching and editing are available for exact timing applications. Custom music of all styles can be created for your specific needs.  Remote production is available via Facetime or Skype.

Digital Editing

Editing of full sessions, individual tracks, or final mixes including form changes, pitch shifting and correction, time alignment, sample replacement (live drums and midi files), and drum track correction.

Top Session Players

We have great working relationships with many of the finest session players in the country and employ their services frequently on our client’s projects.


Based on the services required either an hourly or project rate will apply.  Contact us for a free consultation and for specifics on pricing. 


Equipment List

At the heart of the studio is an  AVID Pro Tools HD system running the latest version of Pro Tools.  Outstanding D/A & A/D conversion  is handled by the Lynx Aurora 16.   The system is hosted by a blazing fast 12 core Mac Pro Desktop Computer with 64 gig of ram, and a spacious 42 inch Display.  Each project is backed up redundantly using Time Machine.

Monitoring is performed with Genelec 1030A’s (with the matching by-passable Subwoofer), a pair of original Yamaha NS-10M’s, and Auratone Cubes.

Headphones: Sony and AKG.  

Pre-amps: GML 8300 and Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre.

EQ and Compresssion:  Weiss EQ1-MK2 Stereo Mastering Equalizer, Manley Stereo Variable MU Limiter Compressor,  Pultec, Sony/Oxford.  SSL G series Master Buss Compressor.   

Mics: Manley Reference Gold, Neumann, Rode, Audio Technica and  Shure.   

Hardware and Software Synths: Roland Fantom X6, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, Digidesign’s Strike, Velvet, DB-33, Mini Grand, Structure, Vacuum, Xpand2 and Hybrid.  Reason, UVI Workstation, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere 2, Trillogy, and Nexus 2 .  East/West play modules, Symphonic Gold, Goliath, Ministry of Rock, Ra and Stormdrum 2.

Software Plugins: Waves Mercury Bundle including the Studio Classics collection, Steven Slate Complete Bundle,  Universal Audio, Sony Oxford Inflator and EQs, Antares Auto-Tune, Ohm Boys, Pultec, Aphex Aural Exciter, Focusrite, MCDSP, Sound Toys Bundle, Sound Replacer, and Garage Band.

Other instruments: Taylor 812CE Acoustic guitar*, Don Grosh custom Strat electric guitar, Epiphone Les Paul Electric and a Fender 5 string Jazz bass.  Miscellaneous percussion instruments are also available.

*Pete Masitti plays Taylor acoustic guitars.