West End Studios is currently offering one on one training to highly motivated students in the following disciplines:

Pro Tools* and Audio Engineering: 

There simply is no better way to learn Pro Tools and/or Audio Engineering then to have a one on one mentor.  Pro Tools is an extremely powerful platform and having an expert guide you within a structured curriculum is the most efficient and cost effective method to learn the program.  

The Pro Tools platform covers:

File Management 
Recording Basics
Digital Audio Editing
MIDI Recording and Editing
Inserts and Sends 
Final Mixing.  

The Audio Engineering platform covers:

Microphone Technique/Selection. 
When and how to use audio processors including Compressors, EQs, Reverbs, Delays, Pitch Shifters, Auto Tune and Sample Replacers.
The proper tracking of both vocals and instruments.

*This training series requires you to purchase a qualified Macintosh Computer and the latest version of AVID Pro Tools with an audio interface.  A basic home studio set up would be highly beneficial.

Music Production: 

This one on one series will give you the tools you need to start producing music in nearly any style.  Covered topics include: Arranging, Sound Selection, Mixing for Producers and how to record bands and solo artists.  It’s highly recommended that you have at least a basic home studio to get the most out of this series.


In this private lesson series we start with the fundamentals advancing to the subtle nuances of the craft of songwriting.  Covered topics include: Song Forms, Lyric Forms, Rhyme Schemes, Near Rhymes, Melodies, Grooves, Chord Structures and Production for Songwriters.  Assignments include analyzing hit songs and writing and recording your own material at West End Recording Studios.  We highly recommend that students have at least a lap top recording set up capable of tracking vocals and guitar or keyboards.

Commercial Piano Instruction:

This series is geared for students who have already had some piano lessons but want to learn how to play piano in a more pop or commercial style.  The series includes Modern Chord Structures and Voicings, Pedal Tones, Chord Progressions and how to use a modern synthesizer.

Guitar for Songwriters:

This series is designed for students who want to be able to write songs and accompany themselves live on acoustic guitar.  Some previous guitar training is helpful but not mandatory.  Covered in this series is: Strumming Patterns, Open Chords, Bar Chords, Picking, and Playing and Singing simultaneously.